Hard maple has a creamy white sapwood, and heartwood that is reddish brown.  This wood has a close fine, uniform texture, which is typically straight grained.  Please contact us for our current KD inventory, or to place a green cutting order.


 The characteristics of soft maple are very similar to those of hard maple.  Soft maple is frequently used as a substitue for hard maple, or is stained to resemble other species.  Soft maple is about 25% less hard than hard maple.  Please call with your KD or green soft maple inquiry.


White oak is a hard and heavy wood with great wear resistance.  White oak has a light-colored sapwood, with heartwood that is light to dark brown.  This wood is mostly straight grained with a medium to course texture.  FAS, Common, and Rustic white oak grades are available.


Hickory is the hardest, heaviest, and strongest American wood.  Hickory has a white sapwood, with heartwood that is pale to reddish brown.  Please call for our current FAS and Rustic kiln dried hickory inventory.


One of America's most widely known and most valuable species, black walnut has a creamy white sapwood, with heartwood that is light brown to dark chocolate brown.  All of our walnut is steamed to darken the sapwood, reducing the contrast between the sapwood and heartwood.  Please call for our available black walnut inventory.